HVAC / Electrical / Plumbing / Fire Alarm
HVAC    Electrical    Plumbing    Fire Alarm
DCG: Electrical Services

Our Focus
Client Need / Illumination of Space / Spare Capacity for Growth / Permit Requirements

Design Approaches
Lowest First Cost / Distributed Power / Optimum Illumination / Energy Controls

System Types
Single or Three Phase / Low, Medium or High Voltage / Service Gutter/Meter Center
Main Distribution Panel / Switchboard/Switchgear / Emergency Generation

Special Systems
Fire Alarm / Elevator Recall / Emergency Power-Off / Sprinkler Monitoring / Intercom & Paging
Tel-Com Cabling / Security Systems / Lightning Protection / Power Conditioning/protection

Lighting Sources
High-Intensity Discharge / Fluorescent / Quartz/Incandescent

Circuit Breakers / Safety Switches / Load Centers/Panel boards / Switchboards/Switchgear
Transformers / Sectionalizing Switches

Diversified Consulting Group, PLLC, prepares construction and permit drawings; master-plans infrastructure needs for PME systems; and performs value engineering, cost evaluation, and peer review services in support of the construction of new buildings and the renovation of existing ones. Each project, small or large, gets the personal attention needed to achieve a high-quality product in a timely manner.
We build relationships first.
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