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Commercial: Office Space
DCG strives to harmoniously bring together the four main building systems and to maximize comfort throughout the work environment. Our designs employ state of the art equipment and up to date techniques. We also understand that office buildings don't always require the same types of engineering throughout a building and work with clients to create custom solutions to match their individual tenants’ needs.

Commercial: Health Facilities
Special care is necessary when designing the building systems of Health care facilities. DCG has been trusted by several prominent doctors, surgeons and health care professionals to design quality systems meeting their individual needs. When designing any health care facility, we take into consideration that environmental changes within the building can have a serious effect on a patient’s health. We understand that these changes could be devastating during a surgery or possibly alter laboratory samples. At DCG, we anticipate these scenarios and strive to make sure that stability within the building remains constant.

Commercial: Auto Sales
DCG has been designing some of the finest automobile dealerships in the Southeast. We work with the most innovative architects to design dealerships that not only maximize sales, but improve employee efficiency.

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Diversified Consulting Group, PLLC, prepares construction and permit drawings; master-plans infrastructure needs for PME systems; and performs value engineering, cost evaluation, and peer review services in support of the construction of new buildings and the renovation of existing ones. Each project, small or large, gets the personal attention needed to achieve a high-quality product in a timely manner.
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